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Green Business Plans

Green consumers are creating many green business opportunities in a greening economy. We know how to prepare and modify green business plans that resonate with investors and lenders, green business plans from green businesses to green products to green technology to web site business plans to alternative energy. No green washing, plus value in a great product or service means consumers and investors will respond. Green Services with a truly green marketing plan without green washing is critical for consumers and growing your company.

Capital for Green Business Plans

Capital Access for Green Business Plans! We have extensive capital access for viable green business plans, including our proprietary database of over 450 venture capital and equity sources. As mentioned in this recently completed White Paper, Funding Options for Green and Sustainable we see a dramatic increase in investment capital in green business plans despite a slow down overall in 2009, with 2010 and beyond very promising. Private capital is available, as is SBA, with the program expanded as per this article, where our clients have also had great success, . Our custom green business plans have great detail and flexibility for varied directives in raising capital.

Renewable Energy Business Plans

Renewable energy is critical to the growth of our economy in jobs creation almost solely through small businesses. We know renewable energy business plan development, from technology to sales to installations to grants for wind business plans, solar business plans or biomass business plans. We walk the energy walk, with an equity stake in renewable energy ventures!

Custom Green Business Plans

All our green business plans are custom….never a flawed template or software that makes a coffee shop business plan look like the same plan for a breakthrough green technology. Our process includes three staff, a senior writer/researcher for plan and a CPA or MBA for forecasts under the supervision of a senior execution.  We make it easy for clients, and gather info electronically, with this Green_Business_Plan-Questionnaire and through scheduled conference calls.

Green Partnerships

Green Partnerships – Together entrepreneurs and creative minds can change the world.  We believe this process is already occurring and that we are in the infancy of a green revolution.  Thousands of inventors, scientists and educators are finding new solutions as are the next Steve Jobs working from his or her garage.  We offer a free consultation on all business plan considerations and often flexible terms when we believe in the venture.

Green Services

Green Services – Much of the analysis for green products rings true, namely clients in commercial and residential settings cleaning home or offices, carpet cleaning, weatherization and other service areas need to focus on both appropriate pricing for green options and energy saving benefits in building businesses targeting consumer and corporations.

Green Building

Green BuildingFrom new sustainable construction options such as to renovations, we understand LEED requirements and beyond.  Our clients have access to our green construction data center, a compilation of affordable to high-end options in renovation or new construction for your kitchen to floors to exterior finishes and more.

Green Business Opportunities

Green Business Opportunities – From services to products, energy to conservation, we have many opportunities for entrepreneurs. There is great government support for many green business plan opportunities, including solar sales and installations, or energy conservation. We not only research and write top shelf green business plans, but provide advice and consulting services to those seeking to be a green entrepreneur. Just ask!

The Greening of the American Economy

The economy is recovering, and new jobs are being created, many in green in renewable energy. This green growth is in all sectors, and has continued over the last couple years through an overall economic downturn, and is now poised for even growth and opportunity for entrepreneurs as this recently published The_Greening_of_the_American_Economy white paper confirms.

Green Market Analysis

As green business plan consultants, we conduct due diligence on our client’s behalf as if we were the investor and that includes a great market analysis.  Our team believes there are thousands of solutions—with a detailed green market analysis needed to support forecasting in green business plans—meeting the expectations of the ever-increasing equity capital investors or SBA funds available for green and sustainable ventures.